Serpil Altın  was born in 1979 in Eskisehir. In 2002, she graduated from Anadolu University, Faculty of Communication Sciences, and Department of Cinema-TV. After graduation, she worked as an assistant director and producer in the cinema and TV series. In 2014, she participated in many national and international festivals with her short film “Holiday Gift” “Aka: Bayram Harçlığı”, which was supported by the Ministry of Culture.


In 2016, she founded Serpil Altın Film and produced “Abductor” “Aka: Kızkaçıran” (Director: Korhan Uğur) and “Funeral Works” “Aka: Cenaze İşleri” (Director: Korhan Uğur). In 2017, she won awards for her short film “Learning How To Swim” “Aka: Yüzme Öğreniyorum” which she wrote, directed, and produced. In 2019, she was the executive producer of the movie “Cinnet” (Director: Aytekin Birkon) and “It can’t be real” “Aka: Gerçek Olamaz” (Director: Korhan Uğur & Konul Naghiyeva). She continues her career as a producer, director and screenwriter.






IT CAN’T BE REAL / GERÇEK OLAMAZ (2020) Feature Film (Executive Producer)

DJINNI / CİNNET (2019) Feature Film (Executive Producer)

LEARNING HOW TO SWIM / YÜZME ÖĞRENİYORUM (2017) Short Film (Director & Producer & Writer)

FUNERAL WORKS / CENAZE İŞLERİ (2017) Feature Film (Producer & Writer)

ABDUCTOR / KIZKAÇIRAN (2016) Feature Film (Producer)

THE HOLIDAY GIFT / BAYRAM HARÇLIĞI (2014) Fiction Short Film (Director & Producer & Writer)

JOURNEY TO THE FUTURE / GELECEĞE YOLCULUK (2002) Fiction Short Film (Director & Producer & Writer)

I WENT, MY NAME IS HERE / BEN GİDERİM ADIM KALIR (2002) Documentary (Director & Producer)

MY CINEMAS / BENİM SİNEMALARIM (2001) Documentary (Director & Producer)